We have a dance program for everyone! From the novice with two left feet to the professional who’s been dancing for 20 years, we say, “welcome.” Check out our dance programs and give us a call to learn more.


Students new to dance are invited to try out our program for just $30. You’ll have a personal taste of what it’s like to dance at Arthur Murray, as well as an opportunity to work with one of our skilled instructors, who will then make a recommendation for the next step in your dance program.

Basic Skills — Foundation

Our foundational course was designed to give you all the “survival skills” you need to make it on the dance floor. Depending on your goals and abilities, you’ll likely be in our foundation program for anywhere from four to eight weeks. Our basic skills course includes private lessons, group classes, and supervised dance party practice sessions.

Bronze Social Dance

Get out on the dance floor and challenge yourself with our Bronze program. This level of training is personalized to meet your needs while enabling you to lead/follow in today’s most popular dance styles. Feel empowered and poised on the ballroom floor, no matter where you go.

Silver Level Social Dance

Turn heads and impress the audience with our Silver program. Graduates of this program effortlessly move across the dance floor, and many mistake them for being professional dancers. Polish your dancing and be ready for any dance headed your way with Silver.

Gold Level Dance

The Arthur Murray Gold level is strictly for serious dancers with big aspirations. These students compete or perform exhibitions and reach a higher standard of dance abilities.