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In 1912, ballroom dancer Arthur Murray began using cutting-edge marketing techniques to sell his dance lessons by mail. By 1920, his success and popularity prompted him to transmit the world’s first radio broadcast of live dance music — exclusively transmitted for dancing. By 1950, Murray had purchased television spots on CBS and persuaded his wife, Kathryn, to teach dance lessons in these slots.

Throughout the years, Arthur and Kathryn Murray created shows with sponsors and opened studios to teach students how to dance in person. Even after the couple retired in 1964, the Arthur Murray name carried on and evolved into the empire it is today. Now, whenever a movie involves dance, there is a good chance Arthur Murray Dance Centers have been involved in some way. Dirty Dancing, Dance with Me, Beauty and the Beast, Flashdance, Saturday Night Fever — all of these classic films feature some of Arthur Murray’s best and brightest dancers.

As well as working with beginners, we train professionals who want to compete or perform on an international platform. From our mentions in Vogue, Martha Stewart Wedding, and Sports Illustrated, to the Gap’s Khaki Swing commercials or dancing M&Ms, our work is everywhere. We look forward to having you join our rich tradition.

Right now, there are approximately 250 Arthur Murray Dance Studios worldwide. We are proud to represent San Antonio. Get in touch to learn more about our schedule and reserve your spot in class.

  • Ricardas Simkaitis – Co-owner
  • HollyAnn Simkaitis – Co-owner
  • Andria Ruiz – Dance Director
  • Jesse Stanley III – Instructor
  • Nicholas VanValkenburg – Instructor
  • Lauren Wagner – Instructor

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