The Benefits of Dance

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Social dancing comes with a wide range of benefits including meeting new people, learning new skills, getting exercise, and simply laughing the night away! Dancing is the highlight of our team’s day, and we want it to be your favorite part, too.


Here at Arthur Murray Dance Center in San Antonio, we offer the best adult dance classes that you'll love. You'll learn amazing dance moves, improve your fitness, and discover a whole new passion.

So why take adult dance classes? To move and groove, of course! Adult dance classes offer you a way to get active and stay that way. Let's face it - as we get older, it becomes harder and harder to find the motivation to stay active and get moving. Exercise is important for our overall health and wellbeing, but it's often something that we push to the back of our minds. Adult dance lessons provide a fun and enjoyable way to get active, without feeling like you're stuck in a stuffy gym or slogging away on a treadmill.

One of the best benefits of adult dance classes in San Antonio is that they are a great way to meet new people! You'll be spending time with others who share your interest in dance, and you never know - you might just make some lifelong friends!

Another great reason to take adult dance classes at our dance studio in San Antonio is to help boost your confidence .As you learn new skills and become more comfortable with your body, you'll start to feel better about yourself. This newfound confidence can then carry over into other areas of your life.

People of all ages can learn to dance, especially with our classes and specific teaching structure. Whether you want to improve your posture, boost your confidence, lose weight, or simply look your best when you hit the dance floor, we would be happy to have you here. While developing your dancing skills, don’t be shocked if you:

  • Start having much more fun in your social life

  • Improve your self-confidence

  • Meet new people and create new friendships

  • Improve your overall health

  • Exercise while having fun

  • Enjoy hitting the dancefloor at more parties

  • Overcome shyness

  • Relieve stress

  • Feel more graceful and poised

Experience the difference firsthand with our new student dance offer. Get in touch with Arthur Murray Dance Center in San Antonio today to get started with our adult dance classes. We look forward to seeing you in class and teaching you how to move, shake, and groove!