Tips to Make You Ten Times Better At Ballroom Dancing

Tips to Make You Ten Times Better At Ballroom Dancing

If you’re intimidated by the complexity of ballroom dancing, you’re missing out on a wonderful way to express yourself and develop an impressive talent at the same time. Although it may seem difficult to learn, by following some simple tips and practicing regularly at Arthur Murray Dance Centers in San Antonio, you can become a great ballroom dancer! Here are a few pointers to help you get off on the right foot:

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Perfect the Proper Closed Dance Hold

The closed dance hold is one of the most important aspects of ballroom dancing. This is the starting point for all of your movements and is the foundation for your balance and coordination. Make sure your hands are placed correctly and that your arms are comfortably bent. Keep your frame strong and be sure that your hands are connected to your partner’s, but also relaxed. You’re looking better already!

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Maintain Posture

As with all of the dance styles we teach, posture is a key component of ballroom dancing. In this case, your posture should be relaxed and upright. Your feet should be positioned slightly apart and your knees should remain slightly bent. Roll your shoulders back to open your chest, and you’ll find that this will help you move gracefully and maintain control.

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Learn Where Your Head Goes

Every movement in ballroom dancing has a corresponding head movement. These movements help to create the flow of the dance and add to the overall aesthetic. During our adult dance programs in San Antonio, our skilled instructors will make sure you’re familiar with the head movements for each step, so you can follow the music and your partner’s lead like a professional.

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Maintain Connection and Frame

To create an effective and elegant partnership while dancing, it’s crucial to maintain connection and frame. This means making sure your hands are connected to your partner’s and that your frame is supported. You should also be able to anticipate your partner’s movements so you can move in sync seamlessly.

Whether you’re preparing for your wedding or looking to pick up a new hobby, learning ballroom dancing is a fun, exciting, and rewarding endeavor. At Arthur Murray Dance Centers in San Antonio, we welcome adults of all skill levels to try their hands (and feet!) at dance. Contact us today and learn about our new student offer!

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